Blogger for adding a blog to your website
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A "blog" is a web log, or a continuous list of "posts" that update readers on the news about a topic. In this case the topic would be your golf group and its activities. Typically these posts are archived according to the month and year they were written and posted to the blog. You can see an example of our Short Game blog at

What can you do with Google Blogger?

Google Blogger helps golf group administrators distribute information efficiently and effectively by "posting" information which members receive at your website, by subscribing to a feed or receiving an email.

Here are some other features:

Learning how to use Google Blogger

Complete help on how to set up your blog and other information is available at Google Blogger.

Using Google Blogger with Website Builder

Integrating your Google Blogger blog into your Website Builder site is a snap once you create a Google Blogger account. If you've already created an account for your golf group for Google Picasa, Groups, Docs or YouTube, you can use the same account for your Google Blogger.

  1. Create a Google Blogger account.

  2. Once you are in your Google Blogger account, click on the Dashboard link if you are not already in the Dashboard (see white circle below).

  3. Next click on the "View Blog" link above the blue "New Post" button (see green circle above).

  4. Now find your blog address in your Internet browser's address box (green circle below).

  5. Highlight and copy your blog web address.

  6. Paste this link on one of your web pages or put it on your menu...

Put on Navigation Menu

  1. To put it on your menu, from within Website Builder, select the "Menu" tab or Pages tab. If you want this page to automatically have a link on the navigation bar, select the Menu tab.

  1. From the Menu or Pages tab click on the "Add a page" [] icon.

  1. In the Program Tools folder, select the Google Blogger page template by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and clicking on the Next button.

  1. Enter information into "Page Properties" window and click Save & Close button.

  1. Your new web page template is now on the navigation menu (if you used the Menu tab).

  2. Paste your Google Blogger address (See Step 7 above) to the Blog Address box (green arrow below).