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Capabilities of the Announcement Page Template

The Announcement page has one capability: to add text. You can add text in pre-defined fields such as Page Title (and subtitle), Announcement, Headlines and Text. You have no control over font size, style or color.

Create an Announcement Page

  1. From within Website Builder, select the "Menu" tab or Pages tab. If you want this page to automatically have a link on the navigation bar, select the Menu tab.

  1. From the Menu or Pages tab click on the "Add a page" [] icon.

  2. Select the "Announcement Page" by highlighting/selecting it (click once with left mouse button) and clicking on the Next button.

  3. Enter information into "Page Properties" window and click Save & Close button.

  4. Your new Announcement page is now on the navigation menu (if you used the Menu tab).

  5. Click on the "Edit page" icon [] to add or change the content of your Announcement page.

  6. Your resulting page will look something like this:

For information on modifying or rearranging Menu Items, please refer to Modifying or Editing the Navigation Menu.