Download List of Registered People
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Figure 1

Download Your Registrants from the Internet to Your Computer

You can retrieve your Signup Solutions registrant data by downloading the information in one of two, or both, file formats: .xls which is the format for Excel spreadsheets or .csv which is "Comma Separated Values."

Steps to Download Registrant Information

  1. Click on the Signup Pages tab.

  2. Highlight the signup page from which you want to download your registrants and then click on the Edit signup page icon [].

  1. Click on the Administer Signup Page tab.

  2. Click on the Download Signups image. See Figure 1.

  3. Put a check mark next to each person you want included in the download. Select all names by putting a check mark into the box above the names (circled in green in Figure 2 below). You can unselect all by putting a check mark into this circled box and then taking the check mark out.

    Figure 2

  4. Click on either the Export to CSV button [] or Export to Excel button [].

  5. Click on the Save button of the CSV or Excel version of the File Download window. See Figure 3.

    Figure 3


  1. You can open either one of these downloaded files in Excel or other spreadsheet program. The .csv file can be opened with text editors as well such as Notepad, WordPad, etc.