Sending an Email

  1. Go to the Internet menu and select "Email Players". The first time you do this, you will see this window:

  1. The "From Email Address?" window will appear. Click in the "From" box, enter your email address, and click OK

  1. The "From who?" window will appear. Enter your name and click OK

  1. Click on "Player(s) to Email" button. The following window appears.  Select players to whom your email will be sent.

  1. From the "Select Players to Email" window you can do the following:

  1. Type in the Subject line, your message, and click Send Email(s) button.

Note: You can insert "merge" fields which automatically fill in players' information. Click in the body of the email, and the Insert Data Field button will appear. Click this button and select the information you wish  to merge.  In the example below, the <<FirstName>> and <<Handicap>> will automatically fill when emails are sent.

Tip: When you are preparing an email to send to multiple recipients, use the "Preview Emails" button to check your work before you click "Send Emails".