Creating Email Templates

The program enables you to save email templates for repeated use.

Example: You may want to create an email to notify all members of a rainout. Or an email to update players on their current handicap and other league statistics.

Create an Email Template

  1. Create an email with the Subject and message body. You do not select recipients until you actually use the template.

Note: To verify the template works correctly, select a few recipients, and click the "Preview Emails" button.

  1. To save the template, click "Save Email." on the File menu.

  2. To load an email template click the "Load Email" button.

Send an Email Using a Template

Sending an email using an email template is similar to sending an email not based on a template.

  1. Go to the Internet menu in your program and select "Email Players".

  1. Click on the "Load Email" button or select "Load Email" from File menu.

  1. Select the email template to use. You can doubleclick on the template name or highlight it and click on "Load Email" button.

Note: Email templates are saved alphabetically using the Subject line.

  1. Click on the "Players to Email" button and select the players to email.

  2. Click on the "Preview Emails" button to see that the email performs as intended.

  3. Click on the "Send Email(s)" button.